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It's all okay

She is back at work, and finds that life is finally in order.
It's been two days since she has had to part with someone she loves most. This separation is real, and sometimes unreal. Every night in her room by the lamp, she feels the light turn to dark melancholy, acutely catalysed by his telling absence. And, then, sometimes, he is ever so near, ever so around, over phone and otherwise, telling her how days are coming along and how much he is enjoying this and that part of this course he has enrolled in. Only this morning, she remembers telling him how men and women shall never know what happiness, misery or failure feels like until they have experienced it. That is why, she insisted, every human being born has to and must avail of every opportunity thrown their way by providence or by dint of their own mini enterprises, so that they can explore and know what they enjoy and what they can not put up with.
For years, he had derided the idea of pursuing such a course, almost plead…

Free fall

Sinking deep into a valley without a shriek or cry for help - this was my recurrent nightmare when I was a child. I would wake up in sweat and call out to Ma. I don't know when all of this stopped. Perhaps, I grew up and gathered strength to tell myself that the fall, however scary, was just a bad dream and nothing else.
As this dream's corollary in life, I don't think I fell and bruised myself ever, except for a terrible motorcycle accident in Bombay. It wasn't my fault and neither was it the carelessness of the photographer I was riding pillion with. A wagon hit the motorcycle rear while we both cooled our heels at a traffic signal and the bike magically slided forth from beneath me. I fell on my hips and that was it. No fracture but my hipbone was bruised. The photographer, who escaped unhurt, took me to the nearest hospital and from there to my office. I dictated my story to a colleague and returned home. I spent the next ten days in that bare room I called my p…